Everyday we are trading and exchanging for things that affect our soul for the better or the worse. We trade into so many things that we literally sell our souls for things that have no heavenly value. The enemy is always trying to entrap us with all kinds of familiar spirits that lurk in hidden places that are not always obvious to your awareness. God has to pull back the curtain to let you see beyond the unseen to see the truth that sometimes is hard to bear. Only until we are ready to accept that truth can we receive the truth.  Many times the truth is staring us in the face and we ignore it because there something that we are not yet willing to let go of or come to terms with. It is our own belief system that kills the life we are searching for and long for

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world [wealth, fame, success], but forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26-27

We trade into people, ministries, relationships, businesses, partnerships, products, services, governments, etc., only to find out things are not as they seem. Only until we are ready to see what our trading has resulted in, can we see what we have really bought into. This is something we do every day without even realizing what we are doing. God is blowing up all these trades and giving us a choice of who and what we will serve. God is putting us to the test and in His gentle ways He is disciplining is into maturity. We will have to make decisions of what and whom we will follow. We are all learning and yet the more we trade with people and things that are not written on our destiny scroll, the more we will lose grips with the real life Jesus died for us to have.

God gives us all a choice and we each have to decide what we will let go of, what we will or will not interact with and who we will or will not associate with. We are coming to the hard truth of dividing lines of standards that will eventually define us. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” The question is, “What tree are you eating from and trading with?” Are you trading with and eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or are you trading with and eating from the tree of life? My prayer is that God exposes every fruit from every tree, whether good or bad, so we know exactly what we are eating from and trading with.

Whatever is holding you back from the fullness of life Jesus paid the price for you to have, you must choose to walk away from and divorce yourself from it. God won’t force you. It is a choice of the heart of how you want to walk and with whom you choose to trade with. I believe the days of thinking like and acting like a child are over. Sometimes maturing into the fullness of the image of Christ is painful. Not many will embrace the pain of losing themselves to gain their soul back. Just think of all the things you have traded into that hasn’t brought any fruit but has pushed you further into bondage. These are the familiar spirits of this day that have been unleashed in droves in a trading system that we as children of God don’t belong, but somehow many are still entrapped in the very thing they hate. Who will recognize these tradings and who will conquer them?

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God is continuing to divide the sheep from goats and each of us will come to the trading floor of souls to see what we are really made of. True authenticity goes through much fire for it to be branded as authentic. It has to stand the test and no one is exempt from the test. My mention of this today is to bring awareness of the underlying trades that have been going on that may not have been producing the fruit and the results you wanted. It’s time to recheck and reevaluate where our soul has truly been. What system are you trading with? Are you trading with heaven’s currency or the currency of this world system? This is something we each have to ask ourselves and evaluate. It’s time to peel off the dross and allow the newness of Christ to come shining through. But this one thing is for sure. It won’t come without a price. But be encouraged. It is a price worth paying.  The dividends pay off more than any earthly system can pay.  If we are seeking the treasures of heaven, there is only one doorway to walk through.  It’s called, “The Way, the Truth and the Life.”

In His Bliss,

Reeni Mederos

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