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What an honor it was for me to put my bare feet upon the Sea of Galilee. I took my boots off for a reason. I wanted to touch the same waters with my feet as my Lord did when He walked upon these waters. I think of how Peter tried to do the same and he was successful at first but then he sank when he doubted and gave into fear. This is when God wants to stretch us the most, when fears and doubts are screaming at us in the face.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent time with the Lord in prayer and I brought my heart to him of this that I knew He wanted me to do but seemed so big for me, that I was like, “God, you led me down this path. How am I going to get through this?” Immediately, I was IN THE SPIRIT and the spirit of God began to appear to me in a vision. All of a sudden I was at the Sea of Galilee. Call it translocation or whatever, but I was there. It’s as if I never left. I was standing on the rocks in the vision much like I was standing in this picture but facing towards the waters.

In the vision I was standing at the edge of the water and the rocks and Jesus appeared to me and extended His hand towards me and invited me to walk with Him on these waters. At that moment, my spirit began to elevate. I could feel the process of Transfiguration occurring. I was being taken from one realm to another. My whole body, soul and spirit was engaged. I was in all the way, completely immersed and captivated by the spirit of God. Nothing around me in the natural was apart of my awareness anymore. I was outta here!

I took the Lords hand as if saying YES LORD. I was granting Him permission to take me away. This is a very important step. I realized my soul was trying to hold me back in doubt and unbelief, but my spirit was saying, GO REENI GO! So I walked out on the water with the Lord and my spirit started to take off and it wasn’t a place here on earth. Am I crazy to tell you about these encounters? Not at all. It doesn’t matter to me what people think. This is the way it happened.

I saw what God was doing. He was stretching my faith much like He did with Peter. But I remembered that doubt and unbelief caused Peter to sink. But what the Lord was asking me to do was to TRUST HIM, not man. Sometimes man disappoints and humans let you down. But thank God the Lord is there to help us, encourage us, lead us and love us like no one else can. God is the best mentor and tutor of all time. I respect all my previous mentors and tutors of my faith, but being mentored by the Lord Himself is altogether different. We all need each other, to encourage each other, to glean from one another, to inspire each other, but all that inspiration should always be pointing to a closer relationship with the Lord, not to idolize people. We give honor where honor is due, but we don’t make shrines out of objects or people. The Lord must always be at the center of what we do knowing that He uses people to help us along the way. It’s about keeping things in perspective.

As I walked upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Reeni, your DNA is here upon these waters. You sang the song of the Lord and the vibrational frequencies of your voice is now singing upon these waters eternally. These waters are singing and dancing now and rejoicing. Your voice is upon these waters.”

Immediately I thought of Psalm 29 and when I also sang the song of the Lord over the Dead Sea. That means my voice, the Lords voice, is over the waters of the Dead Sea as well. The Lord began to show me that my DNA is all over Israel, from every place that I put my feet, as the book of Joshua decrees, God has given me those cities and those lands. We have frequency levels that we emit and God’s anointing gets deposited everywhere we go. That’s what it was so important to mark all the territories we went to. That’s what we put boots on the ground in Israel and also in Washington DC for the inauguration. We tread upon territories with the presence of God that is within us and all around us.

It’s not that God is caged within me. It’s more like me being in His heart and I’m immersed into His being which cause Him to be immersed into my being. As one. Where I go, He goes and where He goes, I go. This is why we can go places in the spirit. The problem is that many people have too many doubts and unbelief, that they are held in bondage to their on minds and belief systems and is the reason why they never have true joy in their lives as a Christian. So what does God do? He places His hand out for us to walk on the water with Him. It is a place above fear and doubt. It is a place of complete trust in Him. It is a place of walking as a true son of Abraham, a son of God. God is a Spirit and we must worship Him and relate to Him in spirit.

The Lord took me upon the waters of Galilee. I saw it so vividly as if I was still there. I could feel the breeze and the tranquility and the warm sun. I could feel the cool waters upon my feet and I could feel the exhilaration of walking on top of those waters without sinking. It was all clear to me what God was asking me to do. He wants to prove Himself in me, for my sake. So that I can see that I can truly do all things in Christ who strengthens me.

This is a trust walk. A faith walk. I am learning the blessing of Abraham as I go along. I’m seeing what it really means and why God said that the just must live by faith to even be able to please God. God is our bestest coach and mentor and He knows how to train His own. So I’m on another level of intense training but I’m also ruling and reigning. It’s a simultaneous dynamic in the spirit because in all honesty, I never get tired of learning from the Lord. It’s the most amazing adventure and everyday brings new things that just make my mouth drop in awe and wonder of His person. He’s so personal and so approachable, so tender and so kind.

To walk upon the Sea of Galilee is something I will always cherish. Whether in person or in spirit, I know the pathway to get there. I have the spiritual GPS and reference in my heart and in my spirit that I can walk upon its waters anytime of the day. These are the amazing journeys of the kingdom. What is the kingdom of God? Righteousness, peace and joy IN the Holy Ghost. I’m there. You can be there too. ??

~ Reeni Mederos, Warriors International, Inc. 

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