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    4 replies to "Upcoming Events with Reeni Mederos"

    • AP Mike Lee

      Please do bring back some prophetic Jewish worship and don’t forget to play heavens worship – The nation will be blessed with you .

      Blessings and Love in Christ
      AP Mike Lee. (UK – London)

      • Rob Mederos

        Mike, I did come back with some Jewish worship music last time I went. We have some video footage on it. 🙂

    • Chad Hart

      I’d like to know where you get the music you use in your march 25th video message. Sounds like some great worship music to use in prayer and worship times.

      Thank you,

    • michelle

      Thank you. Will not be able to give an offering. Will be with you in spirit. The Lord knows all about it. It is a blessing to give and I am thankful I am giving my heartfelt support. Looking forward to supporting you soon with $ 10.00 as my goal.
      Enjoy the trip and Mount Hermon like Mt Hermon in North Carolina where my grandfather ministered.


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