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The Dark Side of the Super Bowl – A Sex Trafficking Magnet? by Reeni Mederos

We don’t like to think of these unthinkable things going on in our country, but it is rampant and if you are a prayer warrior, you should be praying concerning the sex trafficking that goes on in our nation.  One of the biggest trafficking events in the United States is the Super Bowl.  President Trump signed an Executive order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption on December 21st, 2017 to begin enforcing sanctions that enables “the US executive branch to apply targeted sanctions on any individual involved in a human rights violation, from senior officials to low-level officers and even nongovernment associates.”

On February 23, 2017 , “President Trump gave a press conference from the White House addressing how human trafficking is a ‘dire problem’ domestically and internationally. He gave further confirmation when he said: ‘Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time as you know — it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks.’” – Town Hall

Law enforcement has been beefed up in Minneapolis as fans flock to the Super Bowl, working with 23 law enforcement agencies “patrolling the web to target people buying sex online and monitoring hotels for sex trafficking.”  As prayer warriors of the Lord, it is our mandate to intercede during events like these to stand in the gap in prayer to release protecting angels to victims that would be harvested for these heinous acts that plague our youth. I call upon all intercessors and warriors to intercede today and the rest of these week to counter effect these attempts.  It is sad that the mainstream media does not report on the many arrests that are going on in our nation, nor the thousands of arrests that President Trump has enforced over the last year.  This video below [reported by Inside Edition www.insideedition.com] is an example of one arrest that hits close to home where eight women were held captive inside a Sandy Springs, Georgia mansion.

As fans rush to the Super Bowl today in Minneapolis and as millions watch by Cable TV and the Internet, let us be reminded that our prayers are much needed for this day and every day to suppress this demonic activity as much as possible.  Maybe you are not a police officer or a government official who can enforce the law, but you as a prayer warrior and intercessor have great influence and power in the realm of the spirit to enforce God’s laws and mandates from heaven to the earth, simply by spending time on your knees.

God is raising up intercessors and prayer warriors like never before.  Read the Kare 11 article below and be informed as you are praying today and this week for the Super Bowl and potential sex trafficking victims.  Let us step up to the plate and do our part to intercede and receive God’s judicial order in the Courts of Heaven to release warring angels to assist law enforcement and the capture of these criminals.

Reeni Mederos – Founder of Warriors International, Inc. and School of Political Intercession



VERIFY: Is the Super Bowl the biggest sex trafficking event in the world?

You've likely heard reports that Super Bowl events can be the “Super Bowl of sex trafficking.” But others contend the problem during the world-famous game is being exaggerated and can take away from the real issue authorities deal with every day. So what's the real story?

MINNEAPOLIS - You've likely heard reports that Super Bowl events can be the “Super Bowl of sex trafficking.”

Some go as far as to call it “the single biggest sex trafficking event in the world.”

But others contend the problem during the world-famous game is being exaggerated and can take away from the real issue authorities deal with every day.

So what's the real story?

We wanted to #VERIFY, so we contacted Minneapolis Police Sergeant Grant Snyder, who heads MPD's Human Trafficking Team. He's taking the lead on planning the law enforcement response in Minnesota leading up to the Super Bowl. He traveled to Houston last year and learned from their response during the Super Bowl.

U of M Researcher Lauren Martin has done many studies on sex trafficking in Minnesota, and recently reviewed all the media coverage and academic studies connecting sex trafficking to the Super Bowl.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput, whose office has tracked the number of sex-trafficking related ads posted to the website backpage.com every day since the beginning of 2016 in an effort to track local demand.

When asked if traffickers will bring victims into the Twin Cities specifically for the event, Snyder said, “I think they will. I know they will.”

Sgt. Snyder says there is hard evidence that is true, and he personally saw it last year.

“In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, we had intelligence, information current about traffickers here who were going to be bringing victims to Houston for the Super Bowl,” Snyder said.

Dr. Martin agrees.

“From what the academic literature shows, yes,” Martin said.

So we are able to #VERIFY the claim that sex traffickers bring victims into host cities specifically for the Super Bowl.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a “bigger” problem than usual.

“The Super Bowl just increases the concentration of people that are willing to buy sex, it doesn't mean that sex is a bigger problem,” Martin said.

So is the problem overblown?

Headlines we've found tout the Super Bowl as "The largest human trafficking event."

And we were able to trace that claim to a quote in a 2011 USA Today article, where former Texas Attorney General and current governor Greg Abbott said just that, but without offering evidence or numbers.

Cindy McCain repeated the claim on camera the next year.

Every year since, authorities in Super Bowl host cities announce arrest numbers for sex trafficking and prostitution, but without much context.

Both Snyder and Martin point out sex trafficking is here year-round, and a sting done at any time would net higher arrest numbers.

Martin says the Super Bowl is not the biggest sex trafficking event in the world.

“A lot of the news coverage tends to exaggerate the impact of the Super Bowl or it tends to look for a big splash,” Martin said. “Any event, any consumer trade show that would bring a large number of people to the city, would likely have a similar impact.”

And Sgt. Snyder agrees with her.

“Is the Super Bowl the single biggest sex trafficking event in the world? I don't think so,” Snyder said. “That's really no different and I don't think it's any larger than just the population in general.”

He believes the only factor leading to more sex trafficking during the Super Bowl is a population increase in the host city -- that it has nothing to do with the “type” of people coming in for the big game. And without giving context to arrest numbers, he believes they can appear misleading.

“When we see inflated numbers coming out of events like this, there are typically questions we should be asking. We should be asking, 'Are these truly trafficking-related?'” Snyder said.

However, Washington County Attorney Pete Orput sees things differently.

“I've looked at her findings I've read other ones that say there is no correlation. Well, that's not my reality. My reality is the Ryder Cup comes, we went out and trained the Scott and Carver County Attorney’s office for what to look for. They did, and the numbers went up,” Orput said.

Orput says the number of advertisements spike during major sporting events, and he believes the demand rises for reasons beyond simply a population increase. He believes it’s also the type of “event” that matters.

”People want to go out after whatever brought them here to be entertained. Strip clubs start advertising around things like that, conventions, mostly sporting events, and people go out drinking,” Orput said. “If statistics don't bear it out, the facts bear it out. The victims bear it out. And that's all I really care about.”

So, while we can #VERIFY sex trafficking goes up during the Super Bowl, we can't #VERIFY that there's any reason other than the simple fact more people are here. And whether the problem is exaggerated? That's where our sources disagree.


Sgt. Grant Snyder, Minneapolis Police Department
Dr. Lauren Martin, University of Minnesota
Pete Orput, Washington County Attorney

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    3 replies to "The Dark Side of the Super Bowl – Sex Trafficking Magnet – by Reeni Mederos"

    • Quay Logan

      Yes, Judy, I agree with you as touching what you have asked. May it be done, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ! We use the authority given us by Jesus shed blood to prohibit and stop every plot and plan of the enemy for evil. We declare and decree Isaiah 61:1-2 That the Spirit o f the Sovereign Lord is on the Security officers, the national guard, and God’s people TODAY at the Super Bowl to preach GOOD NEWS to the poor to bind up the brokenhearted, to PROCLAIM FREEDOM FOR THE CAPTIVES and RELEASE FROM DARKNESS the PRISONERS, to Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the DAY OF VENGEANCE of our GOD!” We dispel the darkness with the Light. We declare that every hidden thing will be uncovered. That especially the little ones will be set free. Oh that the evil plans of the wicked will be thwarted and exposed–that NO Hidden thing will left hidden, but will come to the Light! We say that what satan has intended for evil, God will use for Great GOOD as MANY arrests are made and HUNDREDS of kids are released from bondage. Thank you for SUPERnatural revelation knowledge and Divine Wisdom that is given to law enforcement. Thank you for multitudes of angels on assignment to help the heirs of salvation. May the captives who are set free come into the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We plead the Blood of Jesus over the entire area and declare that we overcome darkness with LIGHT, sin with REPENTANCE, evil with GOOD, lies and deception with TRUTH spoken in LOVE. We overcome fake news with the GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Forgive us oh God for this scourge of sin and iniquity against the little ones. We decree that high places of Ashterah and Molech will be exposed and torn down. Please answer the cries off the innocents, the little ones, with your Blood! Thank you, Jesus for Your shed Blood which is more than enough and which will never lose it’s power. Amen

    • TeresaMartin

      Father, I thank you that your angels will cover this event today, and all hates of hell will be silenced and no harm will come forth to anyone. And I pray your presence will be felt there at the Superbowl. Father the trafficking will fall by the wayside and the enemy’s plot will backfire. And truth and justice will prevail today. Surround your love and mercy on all today and let praises to your name be heard. Thank you for covering everyone today. In Jesus name

    • Judy

      One human being kidnapped and sexually exploited is one too many! God did not create human beings to be used in this way. So in the name of Jesus we pray for protection for every person attending this event that they will be protected by God’s warring agents (angels). I decree that not one person will be abducted or harmed in anyway. I pray that every parent of every child there will be alert as to where their child is at every moment. We plead the blood of Jesus over every law enforcement officer in attendance that they will be safe and vigilant as they do their jobs…in Jesus Name Amen!

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