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Test Page Created by OP team

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Instructions: Answer each question as best and as honestly as you can for the best results. There are no right or wrong answers. Only honest answers. Once you click "Assess Me" to view your results, be sure any pop-up blockers are turned off so that your results will appear in a separate pop-up window. You may print your results to keep for your records. Enjoy your test!


1You tend to notice "body language" that is not consistent with what the person is saying.
2You are able to identify with the feelings and emotions of another.
3You have an analytical mind which is always trying to figure out how and why.
4You cry easily or show emotion when you see or hear things that sadden you.
5You feel at ease with others in spite of vast cultural differences with them.
6You feel comfortable working with or around computers.
7You have the courage to confront issues with insights God has given you.
8You have the ability to share Christ with people in terms they can understand and relate to.
9In the church, you have a willingness to do jobs which will allow leadership gifts to be used in a fruitful way.
10You become frustrated with brainstorming sessions which never get around to implementation.
11You have little difficulty communicating your thoughts and usually others listen to you.
12You are relaxed entertaining people in your home and enjoy having people over who you do not know well.
13Your prayers are often comprised of requests for the deep hurts and needs of those whom you are shepherding.
14You tend to build deep relationships with others and do not enjoy superficial or casual friendships for very long.
15You are frustrated with tasks that take you away from ministering to those around you for very long.
16You enjoy asking neighbors over.
17Your study is intended to help you communicate with others.
18You are a logical thinker and able to keep several projects on target.
19People have different responses to your messages; some are convicted, others are encouraged, but few are neutral.
20You almost have a sixth sense about what is being said or is happening which cannot always be explained.
21Many times in prayer, meditation or scripture study, solutions come to mind.
22You enjoy being able to focus on a few rather than being "spread to thin".
23Your prayers contain the names of many people who are not Christians or those you are training to share Christ.
24You have a good understanding of many social and political trends of our time.
25You tend to "take over" in a situation where there is not a designated leader.
26You have an unusual ability to survive difficult situations.
27You have a great deal of patience for those who are learning from you.
28You feel inadequate to meet all the needs of those to whom you minister.
29People look to you for leadership and direction.
30You are quick to invite people you have just met to your residence.
31Your immediate reactions when you see someone in difficulty is to want to reach out and help.
32You enjoy preparing meals for guests.
33You enjoy spending time in study for your teaching.
34You do not feel comfortable in a tightly regimented time schedule.
35You have an excellent grasp of God's Word.
36You do not mind someone challenging you.
37You are always learning and then wanting to teach it to others.
38You hesitate to speak to others of their motives because they may not be receptive.
39You enjoy doing "little things" that can help other people.
40You can absorb and remember large quantities of information.
41You are able to stand alone against the tide.
42You are not afraid to stand alone for something God wants.
43When giving, you don't think about tax advantages before deciding to give to something.
44You have an inner unrest at the thought of people dying and going to hell.
45Your prayers are often for understanding of those you are teaching.
46You may communicate through the use of various media.
47You desire to see things move quickly to a conclusion; then you want to move on to a new challenge.
48You find yourself emotionally drained after ministering to someone because of your ability to identify with another's difficulties.
49You often feel internal tension between the task at hand and the people problems which impede progress.
50You have an inner sense of unrest when you see someone in financial or material need.
51Your intuitions are correct.
52You lack roots which would inhibit your mobility.
53You do not enjoy handling major leadership or overseeing responsibilities.
54You are not upset if your home is not in perfect order when someone drops in.
55You will not ask others to do what you will not do yourself.
56You adapt easily to other cultures.
57You are seen as a courageous person because of your confidence that God is with you.
58Sometimes you see solutions to problems that no one else seems to see.
59You feel free to counsel others into certain courses of action.
60You have the ability to see through surface issues to the true spiritual problem.
61When you share with others, you often focus on the relational aspects of the Christian life.
62You enjoy working on solutions to problems more than you do applying all the details of the solutions to the problems.
63People like to be around you because you have a tendency to be cheerful.
64When listening to a message, you listen for deep truths which are being communicated.
65Others see you exemplifying a godly lifestyle.
66Many people just stop by.
67People come to you with problems not because of some practical thing you do, but because you have the ability to understand what they are going through and can console them.
68You articulate your thoughts well.
69You continually try to reconcile different truths from scripture so you can understand how they relate.
70You do not have to ask what needs to be done; you can see needs.
71You have a tendency to think about others before you think about yourself.
72You are eager to learn and have a long attention span.
73You tend to neglect other types of Christian activities and family responsibilities because of your desire to learn and study.
74Others readily follow you, and they see you confidently knowing what to do next.
75You find yourself just spontaneously encouraging or affirming people.
76Your prayers often consist of asking God what you should do with your intuitions.
77You are concerned that precise words and illustrations you use communicate what you want to say.
78You enjoy sharing particular aspects of your life with others because you know God will use it to help them in areas of their life.
79You are frustrated when you do not see others growing into maturity or using their gifts for the building of the Body.
80You are able to persuade or help people reach decisions to commit their lives to Christ.
81You do not need to receive public recognition for what you do.
82You are non-traditional in your approach and find significant difficulty in working within a "traditional system".
83You willingly live a life of personal sacrifice so that others may have their basic needs met.
84You become frustrated when people do not listen to your solution because you know it will work.
85Your prayers typically involve deep theological truths and often seek God's aid in understanding more.
86You don't need to be pressured to give.
87You find it easy to decide on a course of action which needs to be taken.
88You are concerned that all of the needs of the Body are met, though not necessarily by yourself.
89You are able to offer decisive leadership to the Body you are shepherding.
90Most people would see you as an empathetic person.
91You have an analytical mind.
92You train leaders well.
93You sometimes expect too much of others and can't understand why they just don't "live by faith" more.
94You enjoy working with intricate details to make everything work together.
95You work by yourself or in small groups.
96You can live with situations which are uncertain.
97You do not enjoy maintaining a program or administering details.
98When you are finished having someone share with you, many times you find yourself emotionally drained.
99You enjoy working with people to enable them to work together smoothly toward a common objective.
100You enjoy calling on people in the hospital or who are sick or going through some difficulty.
101You sense real joy when giving to meet someone's need.
102You are very loyal to your goals.
103You have a desire to help others.
104Being separated from extended family and friends does not inhibit your ministry.
105People feel very comfortable in your home and do not feel as if they are imposing. They often "kick off their shoes" and find it easy to relax.
106You are a positive thinker and are frustrated by negative people.
107You sometimes become bitter because of the injustices someone else suffers.
108You are not daunted by obstacles or problems.
109You are very observant to what people say.
110You live by what you have belongs to God and that you are only a steward of what you "possess".
111You can see how God is using difficulties in people's lives to produce new levels of maturity.
112You have the ability to move conversations in a direction of the other person's relationship with Christ.
113Trusting God comes easily for you.
114When with non-Christians, their position with Christ inevitably comes up.
115You tend to be a perfectionist and expect the same of others.
116You remain calm under pressure.
117You have a passion to share the gospel of Jesus Christ publicly or with individuals.
118You are able to articulate your faith in a way that people respond positively.
119You are able to grasp spiritual truths quickly.
When you have completed your test, share your results in the comments section below and let us know how you liked the test. Enjoy!


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