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A friend of mine found this. Almost forgot about this word. From 5 years ago that I posted on XPmedia. Enjoy.


by Prophet Reeni Mederos

The Lord says, “Suffer the little children and lead them into My presence. I am calling them to come to Me. I am awakening your youth and it will be from the mouth of babes that I will speak; I will speak to them through dreams and visions, and they will encounter angelic visitations from My throne room. Through the voice of the innocent, whose minds are fresh and new from My heart, they will speak and declare the oracles of the Lord at the least expected times, but they will hear and they will say what is from My heart. They hear My voice and they see My face, for My Kingdom belongs to them and I have opened their eyes to see Me.

“Watch the children in the peculiar things they will do that will astonish you and inspire you. I have already chosen them and anointed them. Watch them as they play, watch them as they grow, watch them as they speak, watch them as they sing. For they will prophesy out of the honesty and purity of their hearts and they will restore hope to the downcast and to nations at unrest. I will give them a dream and they will say, ‘Mommy, I had a dream last night.’ I will speak to them and they will say profound words of wisdom that you know can only come from above. You will know it is not their natural minds. It will be divinely inspired by Me and I will anoint their words.”​

A Higher Frequency of Hearing

“They will manifest what I say in their art, in their speech, in their songs and in their dreams. For I have given these little ones a higher frequency of hearing the sound of My voice. The sounds of Heaven they will hear in their hearts during this time are untainted by this world. For it is the pure in heart that shall see Me, and they do see Me. It will be imperative to guard their pure hearts, to guard their pure eyes, to guard their pure ears. I have consecrated them and I have set them apart for Me, for My purposes and for a specific work. Each one is unique with a different virtue, and I will begin to reveal to you, parents, grandmothers, aunts and uncles, what is their special and specific endowment from on high.

“For I send a commission to the parents to guard their purity in an impure world and to guard their precious hearts, but I have also put a guard upon their lives so that they will be nurtured by My voice, by My love. Do not forbid them to speak, for I have something to say through them at specific times. Stay alert to them and listen to the words of wisdom that I will flow out of their mouths that will be too intelligible for them to speak from their natural minds. I have increased the ability to perceive upon this generation of children, and their discernment will far surpass even those that refuse to hear My voice. I have chosen them as a representation of My heart for you to see Me through their eyes and through their unconditional love.”

God’s Heart is Like the Heart of a Child

“Yes, My heart is like the heart of a child, and I choose to speak to them and through them face to face. Come and learn from them. Let the little children be your teacher in humility and in kindness, in forgiveness and in unconditional love. Let your heart be revived and blessed by them. They are My gift to you!

“Come as a little child, like them, that I may reveal to you what is to come and that you may partake of My divine nature in the purity and simplicity of childlike faith. Follow the example of these little ones into the journey of My heart. Become a little child again to Me. Lay aside every weight that blinds the pathway and highway to the realm of My holiness. For without holiness no one shall see the Lord, and I have ordained praise upon their lips so that they can easily see Me and be with Me even while they are here on this earth. Honor them as I have honored you and cherish the gift of purity they will teach you with,” says the Lord.

A Call to Return to Innocence

In 2012, God is calling all of His children, young and old, to come and sit at His feet so that He may reveal and speak to their hearts, one on one. It is a year of action to return to innocence and to allow the spirit of innocence to wash away every defilement of the enemy and every false thing that would infiltrate and contaminate. It is through purity that we will see clearly and see the Lord face to face.

God’s people have become weary as the enemy attempts to rob the innocence of the Church, but the Lord is saying it is through His purity that we will be strengthened as He imparts to us confidence to come boldly to His throne, because of the Blood of the Lamb, to face God with our imperfections. The only power in Heaven and on Earth that could ever make us pure is the power of God’s love which was demonstrated on the Cross when every drop of Blood cried out, “INNOCENCE, INNOCENCE! They are innocent because of My Blood!”

The Cry of a Child

It is the “cry of the child” in the heart of God that cries out for us. It is His Blood that continues to cry out for our purity and innocence as He continues to cleanse us so that we can come to Him face to face on a daily basis. It is the cry of the humble child that He longs for, knowing that we need Him and can’t live without Him, without His nurture, or without His tender care. The Lord is saying, “Don’t let the enemy steal your innocence and your purity, for I have purchased it with My Blood. Even as you see the signs of the times, children being abducted and violated, the enemy has targeted the innocent and the pure in heart of the land because it is the very opposite of His nature. Innocence and purity are the cry of My heart, and it is the very nature that I reflect that the enemy cannot stand.

“The enemy hates the purity of your children and the purity of your own heart. He hates the innocence of the Kingdom of God. His mission is to pollute, corrupt, defile, violate, kill and destroy everything that resembles the Kingdom of God. BUT, I have protected you! I have covered you! I have given you eyes of discernment and ears to hear what is pure and what is right. I am guarding your children. I am guarding your childlike heart. It may seem that your childlikeness has been buried, but I see your heart, and as you come to Me, I will uncover the beauty of the cry of the child that is deep in your soul. You have been longing for Me and I have heard the cry of your heart. It was never lost, only temporarily hidden. The enemy cannot take you away from Me or out of My heart. He can only take what you give him permission to take. I paid the price for your life and you belong to Me. I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Innocence of Heart: A Weapon of War

There is a generation of little children that God is raising up that are unique, different, creative, innovative, inspiring, witty, insightful, and who speak with wisdom beyond their years. Even as Jesus grew with wisdom in His childhood, He was growing in the supernatural power of God and learning to listen, practicing His gifts and spending time with the Father in prayer, praise and in innocence. Jesus knew there was something different about Himself just as your own children will know there is something different about themselves, and their curiosity will increase. They will ask questions about their identity. They will be drawn by the Holy Spirit in mysterious ways that will be different from generations past.

The Lord is saying, “Because they have been born in an era of increasing adversity, your children, young and old, will learn to become strong and overcome every adversity. I will make their innocence of heart like a weapon of war. I will teach them how to make adversity to be their best friend, to use it for their advantage like a warrior of war. They are a generation that will not run away and cringe with fear when they see the enemy come, but I have given them divine courage and resilience to walk into the enemy’s camp and take the spoil. I have raised them up as deliverers to save a generation from the enemy’s violations. They will intervene like an army that comes like a thief in the night to snatch the innocent from their captors.”

A Word to the Recently Born

To the recently born, God is raising up these natural born warriors with an instinct to become great, not from pride or of selfish ambition, but they are of a different kind. Their humility and purity of heart will be their glory, and their mission will be to please their Heavenly Father at a very young age. They will be trained by transparency, and anything false that comes before them will be detected immediately by their God-given discernment. They will know what is pure, and they will run from anything that is contradictory to it.

The Lord is saying, “It is My love that drives them. It is the ability to love and be loved that enables them to complete their mission. Love them as I have loved you. They are children of the future who are on a quest to walk ahead of their time.”

God has them now in preparation even as Jesus was being prepared as a child to flow in the supernatural grace of the Spirit. Over the next five years these forerunners will run faster than Elijah, for they are a prophetic generation, children that belong to the future. God is releasing a supernatural grace upon your children in 2012, and parents are mandated to train them with love, care, and precision. They are not too young to learn how to flow in their God- given supernatural graces and gifts of the Spirit.

God is saying, “Do not fear that your children will be harmed or go astray. Even the older ones who have gone astray, I know how to draw them back to Me. Your prayers and cries of intercession over them have released angels and powers of protection over them. I have kept My covenant with you to protect your family, for your family is near and dear to My heart. I promised you I would take care of them, and I have not forgotten My promise to you mothers and fathers and grandparents of My heart!”

A Word of Encouragement to the Parents & Families

The Lord says, “Your children are your reward. I have given them to you as a trophy of My grace and My love for you. I have crowned you with a full quiver to raise up arrows against the enemies that have come against you. For each attack and each loss the enemy has caused you, I am putting arrows in your hand to shoot out a counter attack that will cause you to receive double from what you lost. You’re little one’s are ascender’s of the kingdom and know how to ascend to the throne room to receive the grace they need. Follow their example. I will cause your entire family to ascend above the enemies schemes and to be seated with Me in heavenly places as kings and priests, where I will feed you and refresh you and love you,” says the Lord.

A Word to the Unborn

The Lord is saying, “Come forth, O generation of Josephs and Daniels, Joshuas and Elijahs. Come forth, O generation of Deborahs and Esthers, Hannahs and Marys. You are children of the future, and you will not inherit a broken economic system, a broken moral system, a broken education system, a broken government, or a broken family system. I am giving you authority and keys to My Kingdom straight out of the womb.

“You will leap and jump over obstacles and tactics of the enemy even as you leap and jump in your play time. For I will give you hinds’ feet to overcome and crush the enemy under your feet. You will be too swift for the enemy to catch you. Your praise will confuse them and cause a dismay in the realms of darkness. Your light will be the light of innocence, and your fire burns through barriers that were meant for your capture, but they cannot catch you. I have anointed you to slip through the hands of the enemy, and they will not be able to grasp or contain you.

“Your enemies will be confounded and their strategies will have no power over you, for you are of a different kind. You are a new breed that cannot be contained in the house of bondage. You are children of freedom, and liberty is your portion and your ministry. You will bring freedom to a generation that will be born with you. Generals, and rulers, and leaders, and godly authorities will come from you. You are created to advance beyond your years, and you will defy natural laws and flow in supernatural power just as you see Me do,” says the Lord.

“You will not be afraid to multiply. You will give your fathers and mothers joy. You will impart goodness and healing and beauty. For My Kingdom is not of this world. My ways are not of this world. My thoughts are not of this world. My economy system is not of this world. My teaching and My words are not of this world. My government is not of this world. And you are not of this world. I have placed you higher than this world system. I know the challenges you will face. I will not abandon and I will not forsake you. Your destiny will not be aborted, for My plans for you will surely come to pass.”

A Word to Pregnant Mothers

The Lord is saying to the pregnant mothers and to those who will conceive in 2012, “I have already placed your seed within you. They will be vindicated by My love. I will yet raise up deliverers like Moses and youth of integrity like Joseph from your womb. Many who have been barren will conceive and multiply. Because you have sought My face and not My hand, I will give you the desires of your heart and you will see My glory as no other generation of mothers has seen before.”

The Lord says, “I will raise up a generation that is more pure than the world is corrupt. They will choose Me over the temporary pleasures of this world. They will think differently and they will listen. Even right now, I am birthing and intricately fabricating divine strategies in their DNA through your womb. It will be a fast work, but a permanent work.” Five Years of Grace Beginning in 2012“ There will be a period of 5 years. 5 years of grace beginning in 2012. Each year will release a new grace for the born and the unborn through the year 2017. It will begin in 2012, a year of ranking and preparing your children, for I will equip you to prepare them for what is to come. As they are being formed and fashioned in your womb, so I will form and fashion you and equip you to train them.

“Do not fear their safety. Do not fear to enlarge your tents. I will now begin to open up your wombs. I have declared life over your wombs this day! Place your hands over your womb and prophesy to your unborn children to come forth. They are prophets and deliverers that must come forth.

“Declare My songs over them and sing to your children even in the womb, even before they are born, even before you conceive them. For My songs of love will call to them and they will listen and they will come forth. Make your quiver full and suffer the little children and let them come to Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. It is My pleasure to give them My Kingdom. They were always with Me in My heart, and they will always be with Me just as you will be with Me, mothers of a special generation. Even your unborn are with Me now, and I will protect them and see to it of their safe arrival in your arms. I am their Defender and I am your Defender. I love your family,” says the Lord.

Blessings from above to all the little children of the world!

Reeni Mederos, Warriors International, Inc.

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