For many weeks and months, I kept hearing the Lord say, “Red Wave America.”  Not only would there be a red wave but also a tsunami of the Lord that would come during the Mid-Term Elections. I posted many posts on my social media and group pages as decrees and proclamations to encourage the people of God to go out and vote in one one of the most important mid-term elections of the United States of America.  In actuality, the “Red Wave Tsunami” began during the 2016 election when Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States.  Since this time, there has been great momentum in the church, in the White House, in the government, and in the nation.  Jobs have increased, the church has received more freedom of speech, the economy is thriving and many more advances have been accomplished in Trumps administration.  There has also been the war of the media, “Fake News” as the president calls it and much opposition between the Democrat and Republican parties, social media wars, and the list goes on.  In spite of it all, God is still moving.

This past weekend, my husband and I made a trip to Washington, D.C., my birthplace, and went to several different iconic spots to put our boots on the ground to make prophetic decrees and release the oracles of the Lord as we stood in front of the U.S. Capitol, The U.S. Supreme Court and the White House.  We conducted several live broadcasting segments that day, Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, from these specific locations much like we did when we went to President’s inauguration.  We brought our political intercessors with us via Facebook Live as in a type of virtual prayer gathering for the United States right before the mid-term elections.  We took video of every location and made decrees on the public streets of Washington, D.C.  We prayed, decreed, waved flags, took communion and laid our hands on the doors of the U.S. Supreme Court and were right at the fence of the White House front lawn.

The most significant moment we had that day as we made our rounds of decrees was when we got to the White House.  There were hundreds of people gathered around in front of the White House, taking pictures, demonstrators and various groups with their various purposes for being there.  We decided to set up our video tripod right in the middle of it all right in front of the fence of the White House as far as the police would let us go.  We had a great view of the White House and provided a great background for all to see in the live video broadcast.  As I started the live broadcast, I explained to our viewers and those standing around us that our purpose for being there was to pray for the President of the United States and to make decrees over the nation.  As I began to pray and prophesy, people that were present were watching and listening to the words being spoken.  They were very attentive and respectful.  After I finished praying for the President and over the white house one of my team members and I pulled out a long red material that she brought with her and we began to wave the long red material up and down in the air in front of the White House decreeing a “Red Wave” of the Lord over America.  This was a very spontaneous moment.  We had no previous plans or ideas to do this until the moment presented itself to us at that spot.  As we were still broadcasting live, we began to decree, more people began to witness what we were doing. I explained in the video that we were doing a prophetic act of the “Red Wave” of the Lord over America and many prophets and prophetic people all over the nation had been declaring the same thing for weeks and months for this mid-term election.

The entire day was extremely exciting and exhilarating as we felt a tangible presence of the Lord everywhere we went as we felt this excitement was coming from God Himself who was the one that was excited about our nation.  The moment was much like being caught up in the heavens as we made our decrees and we knew our mission was accomplished and the Lord was pleased.  What was very special about the moment is that it was completely planned by the Lord and unplanned by us as a spontaneous prophetic act over our nation.  Because I believe in prophetic acts, I was obedient in the moment even though many people were watching.  I had to set aside any fear of man of what people would think and just do it.  Then the Lord spoke.  God was “confirming” the “Red Wave America.” He said, “Reeni, hold on to this! Hold on to the decree of the Red Wave America.” For some reason, the Lord was emphasizing His confirmation and emphasizing to hold on to what He was saying.  It was because of the spontaneous prophetic act of publicly waving the red material in front of the White House that I knew God was speaking because it was His orchestration of the whole moment.  At the time, I believed the word of the Lord, but little did I know why He wanted me to hold on to it.

As election day approached, we drove back to Atlanta on Sunday the 4th, and the Lord put it on my heart to have a “Red Wave America Night of Worship” live broadcast on the eve of election night to gather all our followers for a time unified communion, prophetic decrees and spontaneous prophetic worship.  We gathering online about 8:30pm EST with the intent to broadcast for one hour but the people were so enraptured in the worship, that we ended up worshiping for two hours.  I explained the purpose of the broadcast, I showed the video of the Red Wave demonstration in front of the White House and I began to release the prophetic songs of the Lord over the United States of America as the Lord gave me utterance for those two hours.  I was so lost in worship the entire time and the presence of the Lord was so close that we began to enter into the realm of mystery.  It was there that the Lord began to release bits and pieces of revelation of what this “Red Wave America”  was and He also elaborated on the “Red Tsunami of the Lord.”

The Lord began to sing over each state in the nation, releasing His love and glory.  There was a great emphasis during taking communion on entering into the DNA of the body and blood of Yeshua as we took communion together as a nation.  As if we were bringing the nation “into” the body and blood of Jesus to be united with His heart and the blueprint of His DNA that He had for our nation.  He began to not only say, “You are the Red Wave,” but He began to say, “You are the Tsunami of the Lord.” God was emphasizing that it was His people that are the “Red Wave” of the Lord and the “Tsunami” of the Lord.  He continued to say, “Get your surfboard and ride the waves.”  He encouraged us and challenged us to step up to the calling He had for us as the body of Christ in our individual callings and blueprints from the courts of heaven to release the “Red Wave Tsunami” that was resident in each one of us.  We are the tsunami of the Lord.  This is the “Red Wave” that God was going to release on election night and it would reflect in the results of the election.

During the worship time, the Lord began to remind me of another prophetic act I did in April 2018 when I came back from a trip to Israel and I went to the highest summit in the state of Georgia to re-establish the Abrahamic covenant for our state, re-dedicating it to the Lord and praying and prophesying to America from that high point. I also brought olive branch leaves from Israel and planted some in the ground at the location of that high summit in Brasstown Bald, Georgia as an additional prophetic act to reclaim my state for the Lord.  It was an act of obedience that I didn’t know the full meaning of what I was doing at the time.  One of the reasons I did, this was because when I was in Israel, I went to the highest mountain tops of various locations to release prophetic decrees over Israel and to the United States of America.  One of the highest locations of Israel was Mt. Hermon which has the highest elevation in all the land.  I took that same principle back to America because there is just prophetic significance about going to the high places to pray and make decrees. Later, the Lord showed me that Jesus went to a high mountain many times to pray. It is both naturally and spiritually symbolic of going to the mountain of the Lord to seek His face similarly to Moses when he pleaded for the Israelites. I believe we are to do the same for our cities, regions, and countries to reclaim our territories for the Lord.  Little did I know that after doing this prophetic act in the highest summit of Georgia that there would be a battle for the state of Georgia in this mid-term election.  The Lord reminded me to stand on that prophetic act and decree and believe for the state of Georgia to remain a state that belongs to Him and is dedicated for His purposes.

I ended the night of worship with such a sense of fulfillment, that the heart of God was satisfied as His people gathered together to worship Him, take communion and to thank Him for America and to thank Him for all that He as done in our nation in the last couple of years.  It is the momentum of the church arising as He continued to encourage us to mature as believers and not be afraid of the opposition and to stand for righteousness in our nation in our different spheres of influence.  Each person matters.

So here comes election day and the entire day was suspenseful as we waited for all the results to come in with great anticipation and the future of our nation was at stake.  During this time while I was watching all the results, the Lord spoke to me and led me to go to National Geographic to research the scientific view of the definition of what a tsunami was.  As I began to research this is what I found:

A tsunami is not a single wave, but a “series of waves,” also known as a wave train.  The first wave in a tsunami is not necessarily the most destructive.  Tsunamis are not tidal waves.

God spoke to me through this and He said that the prophetic words decreed about the coming “Red Wave” or “Red Tsunami” was correct but that it was misinterpreted.  When we weigh out prophetic words that have been decreed, according to the Hebrew tradition and mindset, the Word of God has 70 different faces or interpretations called the Jewish exegesis which comes from the phrase, “The Torah has 70 faces.”  This phrase is sometimes used to indicate different “levels” of interpretation of the Torah.  There are 70 faces of the Torah meaning that if you “turn it around and turn it around, for everything is in it.” The Torah is a work of literary art, written by the Lord Himself and when we read and interpret the scriptures and Rhema prophetic words and decrees of the Lord, we are to weigh these words with the logos as each person presents their prophetic utterance. In other words, many prophetic voices can give a decree of something of the same prophetic thought in God’s mind but each person will have a different “facet” or “interpretation” of that word. In this case, man prophetic voices have spoken “Red Wave” or “Red Tsunami.” Well, what does that mean?

As you listen to the different prophetic decrees and utterances that have been released over the last few days, weeks and months concerning this election, we are to hear the different “facets” of interpretation and meanings of what God is saying and weigh them out.  This means we should collect all the words that have been spoken about a “Red Wave” or “Tsunami” and seek the Lord for what He is trying to say like putting the pieces of a puzzle together to get the full thought of the mind of God.  Gods ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We are to work as a team together in the body of Christ to put our hearts together in unity to hear what spirit of the Lord is saying.

The reason I am saying all of this is that on election night, there were many people who were discouraged by the results of the election.  The Lord spoke to me and said that it was because most people had a “tidal wave” pictured in their minds when they heard the word “Red Wave” or “Red Tsunami.” Most people were expected the same or similar results of the 2016 election.  God was saying that tsunamis ARE NOT tidal waves but rather a “series of waves.”  Because of this preconceived idea of what a tsunami was, many people started to say that these were false words.  I disagree with this thought because of what the Lord showed me and explained to me what He was really trying to say.  I still only have part of the picture or “one facet” of interpretation.  According to Hebrew custom, we are to look at the four different categories of the word of God when God is speaking to us.  The Jewish sages typically allow inference within four main categories, with several levels of meaning coexisting simultaneously within a given pasuk (Hebrew) or verse:

  1. P’shat (פְּשָׁט) – The plain (historical/grammatical) meaning of the text
  2. Remez (רֶמֶז) – The allegorical meaning of the text
  3. Drash (דְרָשׁ) – The moral imperative sense of the text
  4. Sod – (סוֹד) – The mystical or esoteric meaning of the text.

What all of this is saying is that we are all parts of a whole, the body of Christ.  One is an arm, one is a leg, one is a foot and so on.  Because God’s wisdom is multifaceted, not one word can fully explain the mind of Christ.  Sometimes we have to “put our minds and hearts together” to hear the fullness of what God is saying especially when so many prophetic voices are decreeing the same thing of “Red Wave” or “Red Tsunami.” This is something that is resonating in the hearts of God’s people everywhere.  It takes time and unity to unpack the full revelation of what God is trying to say.  What I am doing here is just sharing my “facet” or piece of the puzzle.

I do not agree that the prophets missed the word of God.  Some of the specifics that were decreed as far as numbers or the details of the house and senate, should not be thrown away.  They could be for a time to come.  Tsunamis are increments of waves.  Those seat numbers in the House and Senate could very well change depending upon the political happenings over the next two years.  So if something didn’t come to pass on election day as assumed, then it most likely is for another time.  What I look for in a prophetic word that is released is the heart and character of the person.  If the person has a consistent moral life, are they humble and do they exemplify the fruit of the spirit? Then we need to consider the word and ask the Lord to clarify the utterance given. When it involves a huge national issue such as mid-term elections, we need to go into a panoramic view of the whole picture of what God is saying and doing and that requires listening to all of those God has released significant words through.

We are also human and prone to make a mistake through presumption.  If there is a presumption, then repentance is in order, but not condemnation.  God gives us the grace to step out in faith to speak what we see He is doing in the kingdom.  If the person received the word through their intimate relationship with God in the place of mystery with God, then the word should be considered.  When I teach my students in my School of the Prophets, I encourage them that most of the time they are “within the vicinity” of accuracy. Sometimes we have to sift out the soul realm, our natural thinking, emotions, and mindsets, but a person with a genuine heart seeking the Lord will be able to discern a “facet” of a mystery of what God’s heart is saying through intimacy.  Intimacy is crucial because we can’t depend upon the gifting alone to know what the heart of the Lord is saying to His people.  That leads to pride.

One of the things I saw on election night was the tremendous amount of discouragement in the body of Christ because we didn’t see this presumed “tidal wave” of the Lord.  That is because we had the wrong picture in our minds of what a real tsunami is.  We definitely had red waves throughout the nation. Many states went red.  Not only as in Republican red but also red as in the blood of Jesus. These are states that believe mostly in conservative values.  The conservatives now control the Senate which means that conservative supreme court justices can be appointed during President Trump’s presidential term.  Many were also discouraged concerning the loss of seats in the House.  History shows that previous presidential terms with their first mid-term elections, former president Clinton lost 53 seats in the House and former president Obama lost 63 seats in the House.  President Trump lost 26 seats which haven’t happened since Reagan.  There were many conservative state Governor positions gained or maintained and many Christian senators were gained.  When you look at the overall picture, there was definitely the first wave of a red tsunami, but not a tidal wave as we all thought.  A tsunami is more destructive and comes in incremental waves.  It also retracts after a wave comes in, taking a lot of debris with it back to the ocean which depicts a cleansing.  After seeing the discouragement in the body of Christ, I realized why God said to “hold on” to what He was confirmed as a red wave.  This is an incremental wave that God is released, not a one-time shot deal.  This is the first wave.  Other waves are coming.

One of the things that the Lord spoke on our Monday night of worship was that we, as the body of Christ, are to get our surfboards out and ride the waves.  This meant a few things to me.  We are to rise up in faith and step into our destiny and the blueprint that God has given each one of us to do.  Perhaps some states didn’t experience a red wave and that is a good place to pray about where improvement needs to come in.  Perhaps asking God for a different strategy for that region.  Whatever strategy God reveals, it all has to be with prayer and intimacy with the Lord.  We cannot look at this mid-term as defeat. It wasn’t a defeat.  For a mid-term election, there were many things that were gained compared to previous mid-term elections in other presidencies. We have to look at the overall picture and pull back to see the panoramic view.  The other thing I felt the Lord was saying through riding our surfboards is that waves are unpredictable, especially tsunami waves. They are very unassuming and get you off guard and come when you are least expected.  So this tells me that we must always be ready in season and out of season in prayer.  Always keeping our lamps fueled by the fire of the Lord through prayer and intimacy.  We cannot be caught off guard anymore.  We will be swept away in discouragement in entertaining doubt and unbelief which will knock us off our surfboards.  When God is saying to surf the waves, that means to be high in faith that comes from prayer, worship and intimate relationship with the Lord along with eating the word of God for our daily nourishment.  We can no longer operate in spiritual giftings based on soulish activation.  We must go into the mystery of God that is behind the words of God in order to get the real strategy He has for us to obtain as true sons of God.  This is a call to maturity and forsaking the elementary things.  We can no longer interpret prophetic utterances with an elementary thinking. We must become mature and see the fullness of what God has for us as we unify, humble ourselves and encourage one another.  We all see in part and know in part. God brings the full picture through unity to His body.  We all must work together and not be divided through saying, “This prophet said this or that prophet said that.” Bring the prophets together and let them speak and interpret what they are saying through humility and maturity.

I suggest to you that we are already in a red tsunami.  We have been since for the past year to two years. Perhaps we are going through a major shift and the tsunami looks different. But sometimes God doesn’t reveal all His secrets because some surprise attacks for the enemy are necessary. My heart rejoices with states such as Tennessee who had a great red wave in the election with a conservative female senator and a conservative governor and many other states just like it.  Just like a tsunami, some waves will affect some regions and not others.  We can’t fall into discouragement over one region but rather pray for it and rejoice with others in their victories.  Be happy for other states that did experience a red wave.  But ultimately God is saying that YOU are the red wave.  Your prayers, your decrees, your influence and your light in your region is what matters.  You are the tsunami of the Lord.  You are the ones who release the glory of the Lord over this land.  God is saying to rise up and let His wave flow through you.  It is through the church that this nation will be moved in His direction.  Do not believe the words of doubt, fear, and unbelief that the enemy would speak into your ear.  Decree what God is saying in the place of mystery as your worship and pray and meditate on His word and enter into the mystery of His word. He is the word. He is longing for relationship.

No matter what, we are commanded to pray for our leaders and government officials and to live in peace.  God’s word says:

Most of all, I’m writing to encourage you to pray with gratitude to God. Pray for all men with all forms of prayers and requests as you intercede with intense passion. And pray for every political leader and representative, so that we would be able to live tranquil, undisturbed lives, as we worship the awe-inspiring God with pure hearts. It is pleasing to our Savior-God to pray for them. He longs for everyone to embrace his life and return to the full knowledge of the truth.  1 Timothy 2:1-4 – TPT

I have also included a video version below of my assessment for you to evaluate.  Be encouraged and let the Lord catch you up into the arms of His love and be encouraged.  God is in control of America and God loves our nation.  America was His idea.  Just do your part.

In His love, Reeni Mederos 

About Reeni

About Reeni

Founder of Mysterion Expressions

Reeni Mederos is the founder of Mystérion Expressions and Mystérion Academy and is a revelatory motivational speaker, author of "The Weapon of Peace," and pioneering seer and a fiery prophetic psalmist who releases the fire of Seraphim with a passionate love for Christ in her spontaneous worship over cities, regions and nations, piercing individual lives with her contagious passion for Christ and adventuring the realms of the Kingdom following hard after God. Reeni has been activating the Body of Christ into God's supernatural realms for over 20 years with her online schools, live broadcasts and webinars, and on-location activation encounters, helping others to discover and fulfill their God-given destiny scrolls.
With a down to earth prophetic mentoring style that is easily received, Reeni's ability as a prophet to bring healing to the heart, to draw out the gifts and callings within a person, and to raise confidence levels, are done with pinpointed activation strategy and divine wisdom. As she draws out the inner potential of a person's calling and hidden inner treasures with keen prophetic insight into the heart and anointed instruction, many discover the reality of their God-given blueprint, identity and destiny on accelerated levels in a very short period of time, resulting in a life that is transformed and equipped to do mighty exploits in God as matured sons of God. 


  1. Angie

    Dear Reeni, I hope my last comment didn’t get lost. I typed a lot of revelation to you about the ground and that is why to pray in higher places, our ground and other stuff. Please let me know if you got my last comment because it is not showing up and already signed up for your emails.

  2. Angie

    Dear Reeni, I noticed you were saying about praying in higher places. There is soo much in Bible about that like the prophets using the upper rooms for prayer and that’s what happened in the Day of Pentecost. That’s also why there is Light Houses. It has a lot to do with the ground we live on. As we go all the way back to the beginning when God made Adam from the soil which is from the ground and so we all have the chemical make-up from soil. So that is why we require lots of vegetables and fruits. But, the point is as soon as Eve and then Adam were tempted from Satan to eat the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil…Satan had access to their flesh and our flesh because the ground which is the soil that the tree was rooted into so we could be rooted into a part of Satan which is Sin and the ground we would return to after death which is the World. Then, we find that when Cane killed his Brother Abel..Abel’s blood was crying out. So, then we go all the way to when Jesus died on the cross and as soon as Jesus’ Blood hit the ground it caused the ground to tremble and veil torn. Oh My gosh.. Praise God this is similar to the Red Wave and didn’t realize it until now. There are parts of areas in U.S.A that are Cold Blue that needs Harvest and areas that are Hot Red that are Harvested and grounded in the Word for Righteous Government. So, the areas that are Blue..Satan had Sowed Tares into the ones that are more into the World instead of the Word of God. These areas that are blue need the Red Waves to come over and work on the Families to raise their children in Godly homes and be grounded into God and his Word before it gets worse and prevent sinful laws to be passed. Anyway I’m off track from why it is better to pray in higher elevations is because the ground we live on. That is why we need to pray over our grounds and the people that live on those grounds and anoint the areas for Saturation so there is a Great Harvest to get rid of the tares that the enemy sows into people’s sleep at night because of Witchcraft, Evil Alters, Satanists, Mediums..etc..that is in the Blue Areas especially and all over the United States as well. Here is a Prayer that is Powerful to Saturate our areas… I Saturate the Blood of Jesus Over My Land in Jesus Name! Let’s Be Overcomers!

  3. Jeanne Rodriguez

    Yes, totally on point. After seeing your video of the prophetic assessment of the midterm elections I went back and watched the night live broadcast of worship on Nov 5th (a day before the elections) and one of the last things God said through you before you started thanking and praising God was “don’t be discouraged” Reeni, I was blown away! Indeed, many of us were discouraged the night or day after of the mid-term elections. Wow Reeni, Thanks for breaking all these down for us, and yes the Red Wave is moving. That morning after the mid term elections and while being a little depressed, I also thought God was making his slow moves in order for us to shake our selves off of so much dirt. I thought to my self I must stop talking bad about the democrats…. or look at them with disdain. He wants us to be better. Yes, indeed there’s work to do and transformation to take place. I am looking forward to getting my book “Transfiguration” on February, 2019. God bless you Reeni <3

  4. Kurt V

    Please pray for Florida, Arizona, and Georgia! It looks like the elections of Senators and Governors trying to be reversed by what looks like deception and theft. Please pray that the outcomes would be so clear that it can’t be used by the enemy to further divide us. That truth prevails in those remaining elections, that God’s Red Wave would sweep into those states RIGHT NOW! I plead the Blood of Jesus over those States! I declare that Truth will prevail and the the spirits of division, wickedness would be bound up! I loose truth over those states!!

  5. Ray W

    This is a good word and right on. For the record, Obama lost 63 seats in the 2010 midterm election, so Trump did pretty good in my opinion. Most importantly its not about red or blue as much as its about Lawlessness vs. Righteousness. I agree, that we are the red wave and really this little set back with the House only causes us as the Body of Christ to stay alert and keep praying for His righteousness to prevail on both the Red and Blue seats. God is in control, but invites us to join Him in advancing His Kingdom and the Harvest.

  6. Alan Adams

    Reeni, you are absolutely correct in what you are saying. I see the red wave exactly as you and am greatly encouraged by the outcome of the election. Yes, we lost the house but gained so much in the senate. 26 seats isn’t bad for a midterm election compared to historical results. I believe President Trump is going to accomplish what he has set out to do. Our job is to keep seeking God on behalf of our country instead of whining and complaining about what is wrong!

  7. Ruth

    GOD bless


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