Prophetic Dream: Melania In The White House

by Reeni Mederos

I woke up from a very vivid and detailed dream this morning where I was “in the White House.”  I felt like I was really there.  Melania Trump, the First Lady, came out to share her concerns about immigration and her compassion was deep, especially for the children. She has a huge heart for children and she was very moved, almost to the point of tears. When she came out to greet us all, there were a few dozen people in this room where it seemed to be a type of banqueting room with tables surrounding the room.  The people in the room seemed to be the remnant of intercessors who pray for her.  She was in the middle of the room sitting down and we were listening to what she had to say.  She had come out of her bedroom and she still had not finished putting on her makeup because of the urgency of the moment.  Her hair was pulled back nicely and she was still very lovely.  Very natural, transparent and genuine.  As she began to speak, I noticed her son, Barron, in the room sitting to my left.  He was listening in with us.  She was speaking of the urgency of the situation of immigration and it seemed to weigh on her heart for many reasons.  1) For the security and the safety of the United States and our own people, 2) For the children that were being sent across the border from their parents and the danger it poses for them and  3) For the sake of her own family but especially her only biological son living and growing up in this nation.

As Melania was continuing to speak and what seemed like a plea for our attention and prayers, I saw fruit flies surrounding her like pesky nuisances that were very small and she did not let them irritate her.  I felt these fruit flies were the mainstream media and the lies that were trying to surround her and cause spoil to her fruit which attracted the flies, but she would not allow them.  She is very clean and tidy.  She has such an inner strength that is beautifully silent as she lifts up her head above the noise like royalty.  The mere fact that fruit flies were present shows that Melania is bearing much fruit with our President. Many take too much notice to the flies and takes their attention away from the fruit that is present.

Because the fruit flies stood out to me in the dream, I researched why fruit flies developed and found that “like all flies, the fruit fly develops by complete metamorphosis. Eggs are laid near or on top of attractants (fermenting materials) such as beverages, decaying fruit and vegetable matter, garbage or slime in drains.” (Wikipedia) This spoke to me of the swamp that still remains in and near the White House.  Those who are “in the drain pipes of the system of corruption” that are still present, yet the President and the First Lady have this uncanny ability to produce the fruit of God in the midst of draining the swamp.  Much like Israel who is able to prosper in the midst of the desert and water springs breakout from underground allowing fruit, such as the Date tree to be grown.  God’s fruit does not decay.  The decay comes from the fermenting materials and holdovers that remain within the White House, the swamp.  The fruit flies actually reveal where the decay is coming from.  Swamp material.  What this means is that the very presence of the President and the First Lady residing in the White House is bringing much exposure to what is corrupt and the manifesting flies like the media is only attracted to where there are fermenting materials.  Trump and Melania and their work are not the fermenting materials. The decay in the drain pipes and the bad fruit from within the swamp that is well hidden is where the fermenting materials are coming from. They may be swarming in and around the white house but it doesn’t touch the first family because they chose to not let it.

When Melania finished speaking, she began to bring out all the best-fermented wine she had in the house.  It seemed we were each given our own bottle of wine.  The fermented wine seemed to counteract the fermenting decay.  These were exquisite wines in these beautiful wine bottles that she saved for the best occasions.  She covets and cherishes the prayers of God’s people and the prayers of the nation.  She has a deep respect for prayer. The people in the room were intercessors and many of our family members present as it represented our many prayers going up for the First Family on a continual basis. Many of our family members were present. We have been praying for our nation, our President and our own families because we want the best for them all and they are our main priority in prayer because what happens to our nation greatly impacts our families.  The fermented wine represents all the prayers that were collected in exquisite bottles by the Lord and given to Melania as a source for her joy knowing that many are praying for her.

As the fermented wine was being passed around, I took notice of Barron Trump and I went over to him and I said, “Barron, I want to make this clear and tell you now while I have the chance.  You have not been forgotten or set aside.  No one is going to separate you from your mother.  What is happening is that your parents are bringing alignment and repairing the breach in this nation so that you will have a secured future.  We love you, your mom loves you, your parents love you, I love you and you have an amazing destiny before you to fulfill and nothing will separate you from the love that surrounds you. I am so looking forward to the destiny you will fulfill. I can’t wait to watch it come to full fruition.”  Then I went to him and gave him the biggest hug as if he were my own son.  My heart felt so overwhelmed with love for Barron and to reassure him that he was part of the bigger plan. I do believe this heartfelt love for Barron signifies we are to continue to lift him up in prayer regularly

We finished drinking our fermented wines as if drinking the fruit of our labors and being refreshed of the Lord. Then the remainder and leftover of the bottles of wine were gathered together in one place and we were encouraged by the courts of heaven to give the bottles of wine back to the Lord as a thank offering on behalf of Melania and the President.  “Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) The Trumps are paying a very high price in their lives where many don’t see the depths of their sacrifice, especially the sacrifice of family and marriage.  The wine, I believe also represents the best-fermented prayers we can offer on their behalf to keep them supernaturally covered by heaven through this journey.  To pray for them and to protect them continually. It is the least we can do to buffer the attacks they receive on a daily basis. But God has blessed them and if God is for them, who can be against them?

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump
Photo: Mandel Ngan (AFP/Getty Images)

The next thing in the dream is that I needed to use the restroom.  I walked down the hall and Melania was lying down on a couch in the hall and she was sleeping and resting like sleeping beauty.  She was suspended in the air and surrounded by what looked like clouds.  It was the most beautiful sight.  The Lord had surrounded her with rest and angelic presence because of our prayers.  I was seeing the result of the many prayers that were going up for her.  God had her hidden “in the clouds” at rest with him inside her own home.  She could rest knowing the presence of the Lord was with her and there was nothing to fear.  This is the power of prayer, our prayers.  After seeing all of this and witnessing it with my own eyes, it was time to go back.  My mother was with me in the dream and she said, “It’s time to go.”

When I woke up and as I am writing the details of this dream and pondering its meaning, I feel God is giving us a visual of the results of our prayers in a very intimate setting where we cannot usually see.  We may not have the privilege of seeing what goes on in the White House by living there or visiting, but God took me there to see the heart of Melania, to see the heart of Barron, to see the intense sacrifice they have given of themselves, of their family for this nation and to reveal the power of our prayers and how through God’s eyes we can see more of what is really going on than we’ve ever dreamed of if we will just be faithful to prayer.  When we pray, we are outside of time and space. There is no distance in the spirit and God can pull back the curtains of time and circumstance to show us what is really happening behind the scenes.  This is the level of intercession and intimacy God is calling us all to enter into.  It is a change of strategy.  If we have the heart of God, we will see through His eyes and His perspective of what He is accomplishing.  The pure in heart shall see God. When we see God, we see what He sees.  He then gives us the privilege of going where He wants us to go and assigns us to what He wants us to accomplish.  This is the power of fervent prayer.

“The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].” – James 5:16

My joy in sharing this dream with you is to encourage you that God is very much at work in the lives of our First Family and that you can know how powerful your prayers are.  I believe God is training us up to a higher level of intimacy, intercession, and prayer to be more effective in the realm of the Kingdom that results quickly and powerfully on the earth.  Our ministry is in heaven, then is manifested in this realm as we remain faithful.

Love in Christ,

Prophet Reeni Mederos

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