by Reeni Mederos

💞I went to pray as I usually do the other day with my prayer shawl in my bedroom on my knees before the Lord. I usually lock my bedroom door so that no one enters and so that I can have uninterrupted time with God. My poor husband gets locked out so many times. lol. But this one day, he knocks on the bedroom door and says, “I need to come in. I have to take a shower!” So he came in and went to the bathroom and I continued

Photo by Ashley Pahl – www.ashleypahlphotos.com

to pray in the spirit as I knelt on the floor with my prayer bench. When he finished and got ready for bed, he came right next to me and knelt down with me to pray before going to sleep.

All of a sudden this big boom like a sonic wave arrived in our room. We both began to pray fervently in our prayer languages. It was loud and it was intense. He was fired up by my intercession and I was fired up by his. It was as if when we both joined in unity, our angels came on the scene but they were multiplied a million times over. The energy and power surge that arrived was incredible.  We prayed fervently, took communion and took command over many situations that God brought to mind by His spirit.  We had an entourage of angelic beings with us that arrived in the courts of heaven with us!

I pray with my husband often but this time was extra sonic because we were in prayer for prodigals and our entire family bloodline. I was so reminded of how grateful I am of having a husband who is right with me in the courts and in heavenly places. I know there are many couples, even Christian couples who struggle with unity and I know I am very blessed.

Rob and I have been married for 32 years and we have overcome quite a bit. But to be able to go to the courts together has a sonic boom effect and I encourage all couples to pray together and approach the courts of heaven together as much as possible.

This Monday and every Monday, we will be launching our new PRODIGAL RESCUE outreach. This is something I have been wanting to do for the last three years. This is a passion of mine to see prodigal children restored back to God but God has taught me over the last three years how to strategize in prayer for prodigal children through the principles of the courts of heaven.  As we have prayed for our family, our children and our DNA bloodline, we have witnessed may amazing miracles in the hearts of our loved ones! God is doing something new as it pertains to courtroom prayers as we have seen evidence of changes in the DNA of those we pray for.

Courts of Heaven Deliverance Training Instant Digital Download by Reeni Mederos

You are invited to join us and pray with us. There is no fee to join however we do encourage love offerings to fund the effort. If you have a prodigal child, a prodigal loved one or know someone who does, you can get more information at www.prodigalrescue.com

God is doing something amazing in our families, marriages and children and God will bring a sonic boom of restoration in our households! I can’t wait to see the miracles that will come from this outreach. Our next LIVE prayer call and strategy session is Monday, March 19th, 2018 @ 11am EST. I hope to see you there. Please spread the word and tell your friends. You never know who might have a prodigal child and has not disclosed their family situation. Sometimes having a prodigal child comes with a stigma of shame and we want to blow that right out of the water as God will deliver trophies of grace to parents, families and our youth!

Reeni Mederos www.prodigalrescue.com

(Photo of me and my husband by www.ashleypahlphotos.com)





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    • Katherine Church

      thank you for all you share – now this one is going to my daughter
      she may choose to show it to her hubby
      blessings higher than I realize are coming
      you too

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