March 14, 2018 by Reeni Mederos [SHARE]

For those of us who know how to or are learning to go up to heaven on a daily basis, here is something the Lord opened up to me a little bit deeper as I enter His gates on a daily basis. This should hopefully encourage you and help you with deeper understanding of what actually happens when you enter heaven.

Every day I always approach the Lord and the bench of the Lord with honor. I take words from my heart and scripture to cut through the airwaves. One scripture that most of us know is Psalm 100:4:

“Enter his GATES with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.”

I emphasized GATES because the Lord changed my thought pattern on this. We may think of a gate as an actual doorway, which it is. But the Lord said to “see” HIS GATES as the gateway of His heart, His eyes, His mind, His emotions, His thoughts, His touch, etc. The GATES of the Lord is actually HIM, not some picture of wrought iron gates i front of a heavenly mansion. HE IS OUT GATE. We enter INTO Him. He is the gateway but the His mind, heart, emotions, etc is the gate.

When we take communion, we not only partake of His DNA and exchange it for our mutated DNA, but we ENTER HIS BODY and we ENTER HIS BLOOD. Maybe thats why I always saw a blood bath when I dove into the blood of Christ. I am entering in the GATE of his very veins gushing with the precious blood that was poured out for me on the cross. Swimming in the blood of Jesus is like riding the river of His blood filled veins to every part of His being. The exploration of His person is endless and adventurous.

What an amazing gift eternal life is. We each are on the quest of getting to know Him more deeply and more intimately. Diving into the GATE of He Himself is the privilege of the sons of God growing into maturity. This is how we grow from glory to glory. He is my marvelous adventure!

Today when you pray and you ENTER HIS GATES, dive deeply into His heart, the gateway of His love. He’s waiting with open arms! 

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