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By Reeni Mederos

AMERICA, ?? BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN ON YOUR KNEES and you have sought me and you have kept your heart before me, I WILL RESCUE YOU out of the shame and calamity that the enemy would try to bring upon you! The words of your enemies ARE NOT MY WORDS, says the Lord,

I HAVE SET YOU APART FOR MY DIVINE PURPOSES and though the enemy would ACCUSE YOU to My face, I see and look upon the heart of My people, those who HAVE NOT BOWED to the pressures and compromises of those that would kill, steal and destroy! KEEP YOUR EYES ON WHAT I HAVE TOKD YOU and what I am doing. Put a deaf ear to that which is against what I say.

LOOK UP! COME UP! STAY UP! I have many great plans for you, for those who can really see what I am doing. Even for those who cannot see yet, I WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE A LIGHTHOUSE, a beacon in the night to guide my people and to those who don’t know Me.

THIS IS YOUR HOUR THAT I HAVE DESTINED FOR YOU, for you to rise up in the midst of chaos and opposition and seemingly utter hatred! YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THAT REALM! Love and bless! Do not curse! Be compassionate and kind but DO NOT MIX AND MINGLE WITH THAT WHICH IS DEFILED! I will lead you to those who need Me.

STAY IN TUNE WITH MY HEART, not just My voice! See what My Father is doing and DO IT. Co-labor with Me as I have created you to do. PRAY UNCEASINGLY as I have given you the keys to move those mountains! Don’t underestimate your prayers! Angels are released and activated every time you pray! Let them move through you!

LEARN TO GO HIGHER THAN YOU ARE USED TO! There is more, so much more! My promise is above, not of this world. IT IS REACHABLE! IT IS TANGIBLE! As close as the air you breath. The time is now for you to step into your rightful place! Bless! Do not curse! I WILL OVERTURN EVERY HIDDEN AND WICKED THING IN HIGH PLACES and roadblocks that are in your way.

THERE ARE NO BARRIERS TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE! As you keep your heart before Me, THERE IS NOTHING I WOULDN’T DO FOR YOU! Remember, I created you! YOU WERE MY IDEA! I ordained your existence! I will MAINTAIN and PRESERVE your existence and I will make sure that you fulfill all that I have created you to be and do!

Don’t be afraid of what you see with your eyes for THERE IS MORE PURGING TO COME! Keep yourself pure and do not despise My discipline. I WILL SHARE WITH YOU THE SECRETS OF MY HEART and you will see and know the plans of the enemy before he even has the chance to plan it. Great INSIGHT and FORESIGHT I am giving you! Exercise your senses and be discerning, STAY ALERT, for there is much work to do! IT IS NOT OVER YET!

YOUR DAYS OF GLORY ARE UPON YOU! Your finest hour! Run with me and DON’T LOOK BACK. It’s going to start to pick up speed and it’s going to get VERY ADVANCED VERY QUICKLY. You will feel like you are being stretched. HOLD ON! I will send the chariots of fire to strengthen you and to LIFT YOU UP!

KEEP YOUR LAMPS FULL, be aglow and burning with My spirit! It’s NEE FIRE coming your way! Watch and see how America will EXPLODE with RESURRECTION and LIFE!

SEVEN YEARS OF PLENTY and then you will be fully equipped. SEVEN YEARS OF PREPARATION and you will enter into your final destiny. Fulfillment is upon you. Be ready. Prepare! TAKE ACTION! Pray! Step in! IT’S TIME! ?

Reeni Mederos
Founder of Warriors International, Inc.

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