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5778 – A NEW YEAR OF ADVANCEMENT by Reeni Mederos

The Lord says, “MULTIPLY! MULTIPLY! I will MULTIPLY My people and all that you pour your heart into! This is a NEW BEGINNING of ADVANCEMENT, ACCELERATION and CELEBRATION! Dance Oh sons and daughters of Zion! I celebrate YOU,” says the Lord. “A year of completion has passed but a NEW YEAR of FRESH WINE and NEW WINE SKINS has begun. I am drawing you to Me with ACCELERATION and I will ARREST you with MY LOVE. I will take you deeper into the realms of My heart!”

“This is the year I reveal and share the SECRETS OF MY HEART like never before! ENTER YOUR SONSHIP WITH GLADNESS AND JOY! I will come to you and SURPRISE YOU and AWAKEN YOU to a new love and way in Me. It will feel different but do not be afraid. I am leading you INTO THE UNKNOWN. Great mysteries of the deep will be yours. It will cause you to break free from old mindsets and old ways. Like a refreshing wind, you will inhale the RUACH HAKODESH from My nostrils as in the beginning. I have long awaited for this new beginning WITH YOU,” says the Lord.

“You have cried and labored and at times have given up. A new KAINOS GLORY shall burrs forth from within you! This is the year that you cease from your warfare and I shall rise up and FIGHT FOR YOU as a Mighty Man of War. You shall come and enter My rest and drink of new fresh wine that is SWEET and FULL of the flavors of the TREASURES of My heart. I AM SINGING OVER YOU! You will not war as you once did. I will OPEN YOUR EYES and cause you to see that in My rest there is abundance of joy and acceleration. A ceasing of your own labors and a beginning of SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH and vigor. You will even notice that you feel YOUNGER because My Spirit is constantly renewing your youth like the eagle. You will FLY and SOAR HIGH and SEE with DIFFERENT EYES. Your sights will be too high for you to focus on your enemies taunting. I will cause you to be a taunt and antagonistic to him as you turn your face to Me in a new way. It will frustrate your enemies but cause YOU much acceleration. You shall BECOME INVISIBLE to the enemy and outside of his scent because you are entering a new place of the waters of My love.”

“I shall overtake you as DEEP IS CALLING UNTO DEEP and My blessings will overwhelm you! TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD! Savor this moment in time and I will bring you into My DIVINE ROMANCE and SERENADE YOU with SONGS OF DELIVERANCE over you and your family.”

“This is a new beginning for YOUR PRODIGALS to come home and a new beginning for NATIONS TO RETURN to Me,” says the Lord. “Every tribe, tongue, language and nation will taste of My glory and enter into a NEW DIMENSION of acceleration. WATCH WHAT I WILL DO”, says the Lord. “I am doing a new thing. A new shift will come swiftly, in fact, it is already here. The earth will shift its axis towards Me in a new alignment. The heart of My people and the heart of YOUR PRODIGALS will shift and rotate to the gravity of My love. I will turn THE HEARTS OF THE FATHERS TOWARDS THEIR CHILDREN AND THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN TOWARDS THEIR FATHERS. I will turn these hearts of stone into hearts of flesh and replace cold hearts with NEW HEARTS. I will SAVE YOUR CHILDREN,” says the Lord. “This will be a great gathering of an army who will be loyal to Me. They will come to Me swiftly because where much has been forgiven, much love will be poured out in gratitude and heartfelt loyalty.”

“Watch your families,” says the Lord. “Watch the little babies. Watch the wonder in their eyes and I will restore the innocence of the LOST CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. I will restore what has been stolen and what was lost. A YEAR OF RECOMPENSE and a year of restoration awaits you. Like walking upon fresh new waters and fresh green fields of vegetation and a land flowing with milk and honey. Heaven will have a NEW RESIDENCE in your heart and home. And I will wipe away your TEARS OF SORROW and turn your MOURNING INTO JOY. This is the year of GREAT PROMISE and TURN AROUND in your favor,” says the Lord. “Look for it, expect it, wait for it, receive it and guard it with all your heart! MY TREASURES I LEAVE WITH YOU and no man can take from what I have ordained for you,” says the Lord.

Reeni Mederos

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